Baby Butlers" by the You Look Nice Today Orchestra.

As alluded to in the YLNT episode entitled “The Tux Age”, everything we know about the tragic lives of Baby Butlers comes from cuneiform-like scratches on furniture and the very, very, very small wax cylinder recordings of the period’s mocking novelty songs about the be-tuxed urchins.

Wonder of wonders, earlier this week, Sandwich was sorting through some old beard trimmings and blue sweaters when he came across his Aunt Sally’s old “wax spinner sound apparatus,” as they called it at the time. Apparently, she had briefly played sousaphone in an early incarnation of the YLNT Orchestra and had elected to steal the unsuccessful group’s extant audio archive in lieu of the opportunity to ever take a proper 16-bar sousaphone solo.

At any rate, at significant expense and trouble (neither of which we need more of just now), the three of us chipped in to have the recording remastered and converted to an “MP3,” and present it here (with apologies to Scott Joplin) for your ear-related edification.

Baby Butlers" by the You Look Nice Today Orchestra.

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